These are classes I teach regularly.

Figure showing the words Computational Thermo inside a piston-cylinder.
ME 540 Intermediate Thermodynamics (last taught Spring 2022) . This graduate thermodynamics course covers how to solve advanced problems in thermodynamics using computational tools, including phase and chemical equilibrium, and introduces statistical thermodynamics.
Photo of Apollo 11 Saturn V launch vehicle, lifting off on 16 July 1969,
ME 499 Rocket Propulsion (last taught Winter 2022) . The undergraduate elective course covers the fundamentals of rocket propulsion, focusing on chemical propulsion types (liquid, solid, hybrid).
Figure showing mathematical and scientific icons surrounding the Python logo
ME 599 Software Development for Engineering Research (last taught Winter 2022) . This project-based graduate course aims at advancing computational research skills.
Two-dimensional Schlieren image of supersonic air flowing at Mach 2 over a wedge, with oblique shock waves followed by Prandtl-Meyer expansion fans; source: Penn State University Gas Dynamics Laboratory
ME 461/561 Gas Dynamics (last taught Fall 2021) . This combined undergraduate/graduate course introduces compressible fluid flows, including flows in nozzles and diffusers, as well as shocks/expansion waves and their interactions. It also introduces supersonic flight and propulsion systems.
Photo of Grace Hopper with a COBOL manual standing in front of an old computer in 1952
ME 373 Mechanical Engineering Methods (last taught Winter 2020) . This third-year course covers analytical and numerical methods for solving ordinary and partial differential equations, with applications to problems in mechanical engineering.
Figure showing orbital parameters, created by Peo~commonswiki and hosted on Wikimedia Commons
AAE 412/512 Space Systems Engineering (last taught Fall 2020) . This is a combined senior and graduate course on topics related to space systems, including orbital mechanics and trajectory design, propulsion systems, stability and control of spacecraft, and space mission engineering.
ME 599 Advanced Combustion (last taught Fall 2016) . This was an advanced graduate-level course on fundamental principles of combustion, co-taught with David Blunck.
MIME 101 Introduction to MIME (last taught Fall 2015) . This was a first-year course providing an overview of mechanical, industrial, and manufacturing engineering as well as academic success skills
Image of smoke swirls and flow
ME 331 Introductory Fluid Mechanics (last taught Fall 2014) . This third-year course introduces concepts and applications of fluid mechanics and dimensional analysis.
Image of a house of quality used to design products
ESE 497 MIME Capstone Design (last taught Fall 2014) . This is a senior-level design capstone course for Energy Systems Engineering (ESE) students, covering real-world product design, project management, and professional communication skills.

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