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Nick Curtis

Affiliated PhD graduate

Nick completed his PhD in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Connecticut, advised by Prof. Chih-Jen Sung. He works on methods to reduce the computational cost of incorporating detailed chemical kinetics in multidimensional combustion simulations, including dynamic adaptive chemistry and GPU-based chemistry integration.


Using SIMD and SIMT vectorization to evaluate sparse chemical kinetic Jacobian matrices and thermochemical source terms

An investigation of GPU-based stiff chemical kinetics integration methods

pyJac: Analytical Jacobian generator for chemical kinetics

An automated target species selection method for dynamic adaptive chemistry simulations

Conference Papers

Niemeyer KE, Alferman A, Lorson P, Klee EF, Curtis NJ, Sung CJ. "Software Library for Accelerating Chemical Kinetics on Hybrid Architectures: the SLACKHA Project." SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (CSE19), Spokane, WA, USA. February 2019

Niemeyer KE, Curtis NJ, Sung CJ. "Initial investigation of pyJac: an analytical Jacobian generator for chemical kinetics." Fall 2015 Meeting of the Western States Section of the Combustion Institute, Provo, UT, USA. October 2015