21 October 2017

NRG projects and team members have been in the news lately!

  • In October 2017, AJ won the 2017 OSU Distinguished Master’s Thesis Award. His thesis reported and analyzed the turbulent flame speed of jet and jet-like fuels.

  • In April 2017, Kyle was featured in an episode of the Research in Action podcast, where he discussed open science.

  • In March 2017, ASME featured a story on arc position sensing technology for vacuum arc remelting furnaces, mentioning Miguel and Kyle’s project funded by OregonBEST.

  • In December 2016, the Corvallis Gazette-Times wrote about Matt and Kyle’s NETL-funded project studying pulse detonation engines.

  • The College of Engineering’s Spring 2016 Momentum! magazine featured Tejas and Kyle’s SERDP-funded project studying smoldering combustion.