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442 Rogers Hall
2000 NW Monroe Ave
Corvallis, OR 97331-6001

Rogers Hall


I am currently recruiting PhD students with interests in computational modeling and numerical methods for fluid dynamics and combustion. Competitive candidates will possess strong computer programming skills and experience in command-line/UNIX systems and parallel computing. You can see more about my primary research areas, but I’m also open to other related areas.

Please refer to available information about applying to the School of MIME’s graduate program. Note that the yearly deadline to be fully considered is January 15.

I am also happy to talk to postdoctoral candidates, and undergraduate students interested in research are always welcome.

Design and Implementation

Although I created a personal website years ago using Jekyll (originally as a grad student), I came across the research group websites of Holly Bik and D. Allan Drummond and fell in love with their simple but effective designs. (These were both in turn inspired by Trevor Bedford’s site.) I greatly appreciate that these groups all shared their site source; in particular, my group site is directly based on the Drummond Lab template.

This site’s source code is freely available on GitHub under the MIT license, and deployed using GitHub Pages.